Don't Let Me

By Elizabeth Paige Chavoustie

          Don’t let me be asleep

And dreaming,

Stumbling through life,

Without any meaning.


Don’t let me be selfish

And scared.

Guarding my heart

From all who would care.


Don’t let me be

A breath in the wind.

Here for a moment,

Then brought to an end.


Don’t let me believe

All the lies in my mind.

Or chase after the wind,

With no hope to find.


Don’t let me ever

Forget all You’ve done.

Don’t let me grow weary

And forget Your dear Son.


Don’t let my flame die

Or let me grow cold.

Burn in me passion

‘Till my day is old.


Don’t let me lose sight

Of the heavenly gates.

Don’t let me repent

When it’s far too late.


But while there’s still breath

In this tent of mine,

I’ll live by Your Spirit;

To self I will die.


And live by Your Truth,

And walk in Your love,

Led by Your Spirit,

In the power of Your blood.


© Elizabeth Paige 2018

Paige Chavoustie