If Tonight Were the Night

by Elizabeth Paige Chavoustie

If tonight were the night

I was taken away

And walked into eternity,


What good have I done,

What memory is left

Since you were acquainted with me?


What words did I speak

So often to you?

In what ways did I impact your life?


Did I fill up the home

With laughter and joy,

Or were my words filled with fighting and strife?


Did I make you laugh hard

At all of my jokes,

Make light of each trouble, each pain?


Or did I use words that cut

So deep in your heart

And turn your laughter and joy into shame?



Did I challenge and stir you

Within your own soul

To be a hero, a lover, a king?


Or did I take you for granted,

Your beauty, your smile,

And shine darkness on everything?


Did I make you feel bad

For all your mistakes

And make you ashamed of your life?


Did I snuff out the beautiful

Gift God gave me

With criticism, bitterness, and strife?


God only knows

When my time is through

And if Heaven will then be my home.


And when that day comes,

I pray that I will

Never, ever, leave you alone.


So, while I’m still here,

I’ll pray and I’ll strive

To never speak harshly again.


For I don’t want you to wonder

How much I loved you,

My love, my child, my friend.


I pray that no criticism

Will come from my lips,

No angry thoughts ever enter my heart.


For I want to leave you

With sweet memories

When the time comes for me to depart.


But never for always

Will we be apart,

For God has a plan yet to do.


In only a while,

Once your race is run,

The angels will come and bring you.


Until that time comes,

I’ll make no more regrets,

I’ll not live in selfishness and loss.


© Elizabeth Paige 2018

Paige Chavoustie