The Healing Touch

by Elizabeth Paige Chavoustie

My dear, sweet friend,

Are you feeling low?

Sick in your body?

Sick in your soul?


Well, I have good news

You might want to know,

And cuz it’s important,

I’ll explain it real slow.


You see, there’s a cure

For what’s ailing you,

Whether cancer, mumps,

Or even the flu.


But before I tell you

About this cure,

Let me take you way back

To when things were pure.


You see, there was

A time way, way back

When there was no sickness,

No death, or no lack.


Everyone was happy.

Everything was good.

‘Till a snack snuck in

That perfect neighborhood.


Now, this was Satan,

In a disguise,

Bringing with him

Death, sin, and lies.


Because of his hatred

For God, the Most High,

He wanted to hurt God

By taking our lives.


So, he tempted sweet Eve

With fruit from the tree.

Her disobedience was passed

To you and to me.


And because of the rebellion,

Men’s hearts turned to sin.

They turned from their God

Again and again.


It wasn’t God’s will,

But man cursed himself.

He lost God’s own presence,

His life, and his health.


The earth which brought forth

The most perfect of food,

Now lacks much nutrition

And life’s not so good.


How miserable it is

To not know our purpose.

To live for ourselves,

Then return just to be dust.


But God, through His love,

Had an incredible plan.

The only way to save us

Was for Him to become man.


And, so, in the person

Of Jesus, you see,

He was born, lived perfect,

Then suffered for me.


Because God couldn’t ignore

The sins of all men,

He took all of His wrath

And poured it on Him.


In fact, He was whipped

39 times in all.

Such stripes on His back

To pay for our fall.


And not only that,

But to this you should yield,

All 39 types of disease,

“By His wounds you were healed.”


Now, make sure that you’re sitting

And none of this lost,

Because Jesus was nailed to

And died on a cross.


How awful! Who did this?

Why kill our King?

But then Jesus did

The most a-mazing thing!


Cuz He had no sin,

Satan lost this huge fight.

Jesus conquered death

So we could have eternal life.


And, now, if we’ll just

Put our trust all in Him,

He’ll clean, set us free,

And make us born again.


Born of His Spirit,

His Life, and His Power,

To help those in need

In this Final Hour.


Now, two things that

I want you to see,

He paid for your sins

And for your healing.


In fact, every person

Who called on His Name,

Was healed of their sickness,

Released from their pain.


To receive that full healing,

You don’t need to wait.

All you need is to trust

And have child-like faith.


Just ask God Who loves you,

Ask if He would,

Give you the healing

Jesus bought with His blood.


Then, know that He did it

Because of His love

And praise Him and thank Him,

‘Till your miracle comes.


Your physical healing,

It is just the start.

He also wants to heal you

From sin in the heart.


His greatest desire

Is to be close to you,

But because He is holy,

He only walks in the Truth.


Our nature needs more

Than a bandage to fix

Our hearts full of lyin’,

Cheatin’, and tricks.


We leave it behind

And crush it to dust,

And surrender our life,

It is in God that we trust.


Then, the most amazing

Healing He gives

Is the Holy Spirit

Who inside of us lives.


He teaches and leads us

And guides us in Truth

To live for His ways

‘Till our feet leave this earth.


To fly through the sky

Yet never alone

When He carries us gently

To our Heavenly home.


© Elizabeth Paige 2017

Paige Chavoustie