Below are some books by our founder, Elizabeth Paige, which we hope are a blessing to you and your family. You will find a link to a Top 20 Gospel Mix Radio Station, based in Ghana, Africa, founded by a young man, and ministry partner, Kwame Adu, who started his own ministry to reach the unreached, encourage believers, and send the Gospel of Jesus through the airwaves into areas that are not very accepting of the Gospel message to soften the ground of people’s hearts and prepare the way for missionaries and ministers to gain more success for the Kingdom of God, with just $25 and a laptop; a precious young friend of ours, Hannah Bass, from Louisiana, who has a powerful testimony, is a passionate evangelist and missionary, and who sings with such passion and depth that she brings you right into the presence of God; and our friend, Comfort Chikaodili Nnaji, from Nigeria, who sings worship to God and created a magazine to draw teens in Africa closer to God. What can you do if you see life without limits and know that “with God all things are possible”? (Matthew 19:26b)


He’s Looking for a bride: preparing the bride of christ for holy intimacy with jesus

by Elizabeth Paige

He’s Looking for a Bride is soap for the soul, a deep-cleansing book to prepare the Bride of Christ for true, holy intimacy with the King of all Kings. Perfect for individuals, couples, and small groups, He’s Looking for a Bride is a complete Bible study, loaded with soul-searching Scriptures and powerful testimonies that lead you into more intimate fellowship with Jesus.

Jesus washes us with the water of the Word to prepare for Himself a Bride without spot or wrinkle of any kind. I don’t know about you, but I still have a few spots… and a few wrinkles. I desperately need the cleansing power of His Word. How about you?

Through the pages of this humble book, the Lord Himself wants to peel back the layers of your Christian walk, to the very thoughts and intents of your heart, to purify you with His perfect Word, so that you will be ready—not only on that triumphant day when He returns—but here and now, to enjoy true holy communion with Him like never before.

‘He’s Looking for a Bride’ is a Must Read for anyone who is serious about having a real relationship with God
— Joy

The cat is Fat

by Elizabeth Paige

"The Cat is Fat" is a brightly illustrated, silly, rhyming story that children of all ages will love to read again and again! You'll laugh out loud at the funny antics and the chaos that was caused on a farm one day, when a fat cat forgot to chew on a tasty, old rat! Farmer Bob's peaceful farm was never the same!

In the fun tradition of Dr. Suess and ‘There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly’, Paige’s story of an accidental swallow which turned a farm into a zoo during all the fuss of dealing with the rat that should have been...chewed...will delight small and big readers. Paige illustrated this story with simple outline characters, like fat Gus and the farm animals, in bright colors kids enjoy...
— Lisa Lickel

El Gato Gordo

by Elizabeth Paige

“El Gato Gordo” es una historia brillantemente ilustrada, tan graciosa que a los niños de todas las edades les encantara leer una y otra vez. Podrás reír a carcajadas de las divertidas travesuras y el caos que se originó en una granja un día cuando un gato gordo se olvidó de masticar una sabrosa rata vieja. La finca tranquila del granjero Bob nunca fue la misma.





Ministry Partners and Friends

Sue, the boo-Hoo Moo Cow

by Elizabeth Paige

"Sue, the Boo-Hoo Moo Cow" is an "udderly" ridiculous, silly, rhyming children's book about a moo cow named Sue who liked to wear one red shoe. Chaos ensues when the farmer decides that enough is enough, but finds that removing the shoe is really quite tough. Laugh out loud as the farmer flies into the lake, the cow climbs up a ladder, 101 chipmunks get skunked, and the hen house gets just a little bit flatter! In no time, kids will have the book memorized and want to read it again and again! It's great for story time, bedtime, anytime! And best of all, it blesses kids with the best medicine for a cold or a rough day--laughter!

‘Read it again, Dad...and again, and again, and again!’ If I were to base my review of this book based on my son’s desire to have his mother and I read it over and over again, then I’d give it ten stars if I could!
— Otero Family

Sue, La Vaca Buu-Huu Muu

by Elizabeth Paige

"Sue la vaca Buu-Huu Muu" es un libro idículamente gracioso con fabulosas ilustraciones que sus hijos querrán que les lean una y otra vez. Se trata de una vaca moo llamada a Sue, que le gusta usar un zapato rojo y grande. Pero cuando el granjero decide que ya es más que suficiente, encuentra que quitar ese zapato es más difícil de lo que él pensó. Y cuando finalmente lo quita, esa vaca da un bramido y provoca un caos que hace de esta una gran historia.


by Elizabeth Paige

“Misfits or Mighty Messengers? God’s Unlikely Heroes” is a delightful story that highlights many of the “misfits” in the Bible that God used to accomplish great and mighty things. This fun book challenges young hearts to live wholeheartedly for God and commit to be His mighty messengers, regardless of their personal weaknesses. Packed full of fun facts and Bible references, children and parents alike will be educated and inspired to give their all for the work of God’s Kingdom.


A simple enjoyable read that teaches children to not only draw closer to the Lord but to follow him whole-heartedly without compromising their faith. Basic Christian guidelines that any kid can understand and want to live for Christ! A cute-inspirational CHRISTIAN Children’s book! Great Bedtime story book too!
— B. Sanders